Saint-Georges, June 6, 2022Matiss has embarked on a process of expanding its manufacturing plant to supply ever-increasing demand for innovative projects in automation, robotics, and mechanization. This expansion became necessary to help the company respond to the increase in demand for its product and services. The enlargement of the facility will support its continued growth in recent years, particularly for its MatissEquipment division, but also to meet the ever-increasing demand for Matissoft’s software and process controls.

The exceptional quality of services provided by Matiss and its divisions, as well as the pandemic and the shortage of manpower, have contributed to growing demand, particularly in robotics and ultrasound cutting equipment. Since many companies have had to slow down or suspend their operations for these reasons, automation and robotization are becoming key strategies to ensure the continuation of their activities.  As automation is already a growing sector, the demand for ultrasonic blade cutting, and for robotic integration projects, in the agri-food sector has increased considerably.  Matiss’ recognized expertise in these cutting-edge technologies enables companies to optimize their operations and accelerate their performance.

In order to support this growth, Matiss has undertaken work that, in phase 1:

• Will be carried out in two zones, the south-east and north-west sectors of the current building.

• Will increase by 30% the existing 28,000 square foot facility (9,100 square feet will be added). The parking area will also be increased by 50%.

• Will help accommodate more than thirty new employees over 3 years in different specialties: machinists, electromechanics, mechanics-assemblers, welders, buyers, sellers, robot and PLC programmers as well as mechanical designers.

This expansion project, which represents an investment of more than $2.5 million, will double production. “This is a milestone in our strategic growth plan.  Matiss already has a well-established clientele in Canada, as well as in the United States. This will ensure new projects and new employees can be welcomed to meet the growing demand.” says Jacques Martel, President of Matiss. The expansion will be completed by fall 2022.

About Matiss

Founded in 1995, Matiss is a privately held Canadian company with some 100 employees between its head office in Saint-Georges de Beauce, Quebec, and its place of business in Sainte-Julie, Quebec. Matiss’s mission is to offer industrial automation solutions to make its customers more competitive in the manufacturing of their products. The Matissoft division develops and integrates ERP-type production management and process control software for the agricultural sector, notably for millers and breeders. The MatissEquipment division offers automation, robotics and custom equipment solutions.



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