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Work-life balance, the heart of our priorities!

With Matiss, you can truly be fulfilled. Your creativity, enthusiasm and talent are seen and acknowledged, because they are at the very heart of the success of the automation projects we deliver to our clients. Our large work family is our strength, and team work is the key to making our company stand out. Together, we welcome the most stimulating challenges daily while working in an inspiring and friendly atmosphere.

Matiss, focused on you, above all else!

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Two divisions, one close-knit team!

Behind our robotics, automation and engineering projects, you’ll find thorough and versatile tech-savvy experts with wide-ranging skills. That’s our strength! Come join the team to bring high-performance systems to life!


Joining Matissoft is entering a friendly, simple and accessible work environment. We combine the satisfaction of working on proprietary software to the challenges of connecting leader solutions in their sector. Be part of the company with the MOST COMPLETE ERP solution in the agricultural world.

Our values

Your well-being, our priority

Because we are people first and foremost, we review your work conditions annually. We even offer a group insurance plan from day one of work, as well as an employee assistance program. That’s how the Matiss family shows it cares and sees to your safety and well-being! Your mental health will be assured in collaborative work spaces. Web conference rooms with tech service are also at your disposal for more tranquility and confidentiality. What’s more, you will benefit from work-life balance perks with our flexible schedules and every Friday afternoons off!

That’s how we hope to, by striking the perfect balance of calm and cooperation, inspire you

Stay in shape and energized

As a member of the Matiss family, you will work in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where your health is valued. It all starts with a pool game, a fully equipped terrace, and on Fridays… it’s a friendly hockey game with your workmates! You can also attend your colleagues’ sponsored sports team games. Our social club organizes friendly activities all year long such as barbecues and happy hours as well! You’ll also enjoy a yearly allowance to sign up for an organized sports activities of your choice (join a gym, practice karate, train for a marathon, etc.).

At Matiss, everything is there for you to spice up your days and have a happy worklife!

Matiss appreciates your aptitudes, but warmly welcomes your attitude!

Matiss values your capabilities. Your competitive compensation is based on your contribution to the organization. To further enhance your natural talents and keep your skills up to date, you will be steadily mentored by passionate and experienced employees. We are all about giving you the means to flourish so that one day, you can receive your recognition banner for years of service at Matiss! This welcoming environment nourishes your know-how and know-how-to-be! We deeply appreciate the contribution your personality brings to our team.

Feel like pushing the boundaries?

We love our Matissians’ passion for new technologies and challenges. By the way, we have many complementary, diverse and specialized positions for you. It’s by working as a family that we ensure the coherence and success of our projects, and each person makes a difference. Together, we work to deliver systems that make our clientele more competitive!


Jeremy Roland

A passion for automation and being there for his children
Matissian since 2022


“To me, Matiss is…
Working among a team of passionate people, and colleagues who have become friends, on projects of astounding quality.
A company with strong family values: I came here for France. My family as much as myself were welcomed among the Matiss family with lots of goodwill.
Helping each other, sticking together and a positive atmosphere every day!”

Sébastien Giguère

A passion for automation and working out
Matissian since 2011


Why he likes working at Matiss:
“The variety and quality of projects are such motivators, and combined to the atmosphere, work team and work-life balance, make Matiss a choice employer.”

Ian Delage-Tétreault

A passion for automation and video games
Matissian since 2020


Why he likes working at Matiss:
“The team spirit and work schedule added to the wide variety of projects and challenges in our workdays make our jobs so stimulating and rewarding.”

Pascal Dostie

A passion for automation and hunting
Matissian since 2004


Why he likes working at Matiss:
“The atmosphere, the variety of quality projects and the human dimension of the company make all the difference!”

Pier-Étienne Chabot

A passion for automation and snowboarding
Matissian since 2021


Why he likes working at Matiss:
“The work atmosphere, the passion and knowledge of my co-workers, in addition to the diversity and level of complexity of the projects, it’s the perfect combo to be stimulated and motivated in your work.”

Jeanot Fortin

A passion for automation and hockey

Matissian since 2000


Why he likes working at Matiss:
“Working at Matiss is like always playing hockey games against new teams. It’s exciting and gets our adrenaline pumping full-throttle, we don’t always know the opposing team but we always come out on top thanks to our fantastic team.”

Maxime Pelchat

A passion for automation and motorcycles

Matissian since 2001


Why he likes working at Matiss:
“Because even after 20 years at Matiss, I’m still excited by new projects, and with the addition of robotics, it’s even easier to remain creative!!! And it helps me develop even further professionally!!! The Matiss team is a team of people all working for the same purpose and goals in excellence!!!”