These days robotics and automation are inseparable—essential pieces in the strategic puzzle for manufacturers in today’s increasingly competitive markets. Growing a business in the context of a sometimes acute labour shortage can be a tall order, and partial automation of the manufacturing process becomes both a necessity and an unbeatable performance-enhancing solution.

The recent partnership agreement between Matiss and Robotik, a division of Tactic in Saint-Georges, Quebec, is a case in point. Robotik has a proven track record in robotics for welding and handling in the manufacturing sector.

The partnership adds to our expertise in manufacturing and mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering. It also brings us 18,000 square feet of space and cutting-edge high-tech facilities to provide our clients with efficient, structured project management.

Matiss’s equipment division designs and manufactures automated production equipment and manufactures subcontracted parts and equipment. The Matiss software division is the designer of Matissoft ERP and is Canada’s largest feed mill automation supplier.

Please address all information requests to
Doris Boily, General Manager, Matiss, at 418-227-9141, extension 240
Éric Giguère, Project Manager, Robotik at 418-226-2852, extension 501