The Matiss MR-222 (5th generation) has been developed for the baking industry that are looking for high speed performance without compromising on robustness and ease of cleaning.

The MR-222 is even faster, more accurate and more reliable thanks to its latest design. In addition, it offers a full range of options: mechanical blades, ultrasonic blades, automatic paper insertions, automated loading / unloading.

This compact equipment is washable with low pressure water. Its stainless steel structure and components ensure longevity meeting the highest sanitation standards of the food industry.

This ultrasonic cutting machine slices round products at an average rate of 12,5 products per minute thanks to its double action rotary tables and blades. This equipment accepts products between 6 and 12 inches in diameter and makes from 2 to 24 servings. The automated control of this machine provides repetition of accuracy and full security for the operator.